Prototyping your Stamped Metal Parts

Prototyping your Stamped Metal Parts

We can provide prototypes of your stamped parts.
Enabling you to test and validate the parts prior to commencing the fabrication of the production progressive metal stamping tool.
Our in-house prototyping department has a large selection of tooling allowing for short lead times.

The following are some of the benefits of prototyping stamped parts:
•Prototypes can be used for fit checks in your assembly.
•Prototypes allow validation of FEA results. For example a sheet metal leaf spring design.
•Prototypes enable functional testing to validate the design. For example a contact switch design.
•Prototypes provide feedback that can be used to improve progressive die design.

Information about the manufacturing process is gathered during the prototyping process and communicated to the progressive tooling designers.
Manufacturing challenges are communicated to the customer for potential changes to lower cost of production parts.
Prototypes can save money by avoiding production tooling changes.
In the prototyping phase changes are easily implemented to get your parts working right.
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