Metal Stamping Tooling Cost

Metal Stamping Tooling Cost

Tooling cost what does it cover?

  1. Manufacturing Tools
    1. Progressive tool
    2. Stage Tooling (tooling station to perform a single operation)
  2. Tool maintenance for the product lifetime. (included in our price as long as the tool remains at our facility)
  3. Secondary operations (only if specified)
    1. Tapping
    2. Custom part holding devices if needed (trays fixtures)
  4. In process inspection equipment (only if specified)
    1. Cameras
    2. Sensors
  5. Measuring Fixtures Gages (only if specified)

Tooling Cost Drivers

  1. Component complexity
    1. How Many Features
    2. Bends
    3. Draws & depth of draws
    4. Half shears
    5. Corner radii
    6. Bend radii
  2. Component feature size (the size of a feature in relation to the material thickness)
  3. Material thickness
    1. Drives clearances between punch and die
    2. Thinner material requires tighter clearance.
  4. Tolerance of the component features (smaller margins increase cost)
  5. Fragile components may need special handling tools.
  6. Component quantity
    1. ROI of tooling is better with high quantity of components
    2. Lower quantity runs may not justify a progressive tool, this is when we may introduce stage tooling
  7. Secondary operations
    1. Spot welding
    2. Hardware insertion
    3. Assembly

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