Why your metal stamping vendor should have an internal die shop

Why your metal stamping vendor should have an internal die shop

Your stamping vendor should have an in-house tool room for the following reasons.

  • Reduced lead time from the purchase order, part drawing to parts of the press.
  • Quality of the tool meets the production standards
    Outside tooling vendors have to make a profit on the tool.
  • Quality preventive tool maintenance performed by a tool and die maker.
  • Maintenance friendly tooling design and built.
    Toolmakers approach die builts differently if they know they have to maintain them too.
  • Modification or tool adjustments can be made quickly.
  • Short lead time for spare parts thus reduced downtime.
  • Preventive tool maintenance reduces downtime.
  • Direct feedback from production to tool maker.
  • Design and build are driven by part quantity and required precision.
  • Feedback directly from quality assurance to tool maker.
  • Accountability of die makers to meet required part quality
  • Required equipment for tool maintenance is assured.
  • Sensors are utilized and standardized to reduce the risk of die failure.
  • Complete documentation package from CAD models, drawings to a detailed bill of materials.

We certainly understood the importance from the start and out tooling crew is ready to take on your challenge.
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